Hello, Muggins here!

We print mugs, coasters, tote bags and various other sublimation products. There’s not really much else to it. 

We print mugs, coasters, tote bags and various other sublimation products. There’s not really much else to it. 

So if this sounds like you and you’re after some printed mugs or coasters… let Muggins do it.

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What’s our story?

We’re a small family ecommerce business and have been buying printed mugs ourselves for a number of years.

Muggins.biz was born out of the need for quality mugs at affordable prices with no silly minimum quantities.

Over the years, we’ve come across a few printers who would offer great service and prices at first, but eventually either the quality or service (or both) would slip. 

Other times the printer would disappear overnight and leave us high and dry. We also worked with a couple of printers, one in particular, who would promise the earth and just not deliver, leaving us with unusable mugs we’d paid good money for.

And finally, we managed to find a printer who produced great quality at a decent price… except they would only allow us to order in large bulk. Though we appreciated why, we had something in the region of 15 mug designs and, as a small business, it just wasn’t feasible for us to buy 12 of each – especially with new designs we’re never sure will even sell.

So, Muggins here decided to invest in some decent equipment and do it ourselves. Our aim is to be THAT mug printer we could never find – good prices, top quality, great service and flexible on volumes.

Recent work

Check out our Instagram feed for regular examples of our work.

Muggins is excitable, so many of these photos are taken at our production unit hot off the press! Follow us and feel free to ask us any questions!

Muggins water bottles 💙
#sublimationprinting #waterbottles
If you've been to the newly refurbished @thehubconsett you might have spotted these coasters on the table 😁
#Coasters #SublimationPrinting
4 years ago ⏳ coasters for @ebonynewtondesign which are still available at @northeastgifts ⚽
#Coasters #SublimationPrinting #Toon #NorthEastGifts
Made to last! It's always lovely seeing stuff we printed years ago still going strong... @mintbizclub 💚
#WeAreMINT #Mugs #SublimationPrint
Personalised football boot bags printed for @alocalradgie - the bairns love them!
Great photo by @laylaholzerillustration from last year which we didn't get round to posting.
Our mugs are perfect for artists and photographers.
#Mugs #Merch #sublimationprinting
We were approached by long time collaborator @leccomms to source some office mugs that could be used daily but keep drinks warm. As some thermal mugs aren't terribly comfortable to drink out of every day, we printed regular ceramic mugs and got silicone lids to match the client's brand.
#SublimationPrint #Mugs #Merch #CorporateGifts
Printed Tote Bags make fantastic merch products for artists and photographers - like these printed for Phil Benton Photography 📷
#Merch #SublimationPrint #ToteBags
Muggins prints a range of different coasters including cork back, hard back and cermaic, round or square!
#Coasters #Art #Merch #SublimationPrint #Printing #PromoGifts
Great photo of a fantastic painting by @artandsoulmikey - the iconic Sycamore Gap - on mugs and coasters.
#mugs #coasters #PromoGifts #sublimationprinting #sycamoregap

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Prices differ depending on quantity and where you’re based.  Some products are available online, other than that just drop us an email, hello@muggins.biz or complete the quick contact form.


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